Friday, March 20, 2009

Earth Hour -2

Been a month today since I quit smoking. No pat on the back required....squeeze my ass instead. My will to write is dying with my urge to smoke.

Saw that "Earth Hour" stuff of the news this morning. I cant get enough of that shit and the farce it is. Hyderabad has been having 2 hour power cuts everyday for a week now. I has earlier written about the Earth Hour here. Here is how I visualized it happened in rich, white, suburban America this time around.

click on image for a better view

Don't get confused. The black lady is the maid.


Shilpa said...

how abt taking an invertor....why did i think it was 45 days since you left ...smoking ;) macha you are awesoem..keep writing u write well...and trust me ..u do!!

Anonymous said...

This happens only in America - the maid is a lot sexier than the housewife :P Off topic, I know coz. I actually share the enthusiasm about earth hour :) The only time when we can see the stars in the sky here in Dubai.

For India, I know its earth hour almost everyday but what the heck, lets have one more for the world.

Archana Narayan said...

Check this out:

Montag said...

How sad, how true.