Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pureit to Fuckit in 60 seconds

Product: Hindustan Unilever (HU), Pureit - water purifier
Scene: The Pureit team meeting at a fancy ballroom in a 5-Star hotel where biscuits are called cookies
The Conversation:
Stooge 1: What should be that one emotion evoked in our customers after experiencing our product and service?
Stooge 2: Wow?
Stooge 3: I love Pureit?
Stooge 1: Na. Too cheesy
Stooge 4: "Fuck it"
Stooge 1: Interesting. Please elaborate
Stooge 4: Well, first of all it rhymes. Pureit and Fuckit. People who dare to become our customers should at the end of the day have a feeling of such helplessness with our product, service and the entire experience that all they feel should be captured in these 2 tiny words -"Fuckit"
Stooge 1: All agree? Great. So be it.

And that is how Pureit was born. The bastard child of Hindustan Unilever. I thought Airtel, Reliance etc were shit,that they had attained the holy piss-pot of god awful customer relations,that no-one, anywhere, ever, could be more disinterested, less helpful or more obstructive to delivering service to their customers, until I met Pureit.

I made the mistake of buying Pureit and come service time, it was an experience more painful than a man with 6 fingers giving you a full hand prostate exam. I spent 8 days calling the "no help" Pureit helpline, being lied to on a daily basis on how important I was and that my work would be done by that very evening. WRONG.

My search for the Pureit all India service head met with as much success as the US has with catching Osama. The "top" management are spooks. Ghost riders if you may. They are impossible to trace. Fortunately Linkedin came to my rescue. I wrote to random people at HU and asked them for help. The guided me to the right person in Mumbai, who I wrote to. By that evening the Hyderabad Pureit guys would have blown me if I told them to. The Mumbai gentleman was of great help but the damage had been done.

Verdict: Stay away from Pureit like the plague. Other that non-existent service I don't think it provides reverse osmosis which is essential for drinking water.

Here are a few more Pureit reviews.


Vaish said...

OMG! I was planing on purchasing pureit for my home. Thanks for the warning! I think I'll just stick to boiling canned water.

Satyajit said...


Good call.

Yatin said...

I didn't know Pureit was so bad, I have seen their tents on the roadside to sell the product. That in itself made me bit skeptical of how the product would be. I think I will buy the tried and tested Aquagaurd. We have good experience with their service guys and also recommended few of our friend for it.
From what I heard about your customer "non-service" experience with Worldspace and Reliance, your description of pureit makes it a real hell of experience.

Archana Narayan said...

What does it take to provide good customer service? Presales service is absolutely perfect. Isn't it important to maintain this level of perfection for existing customers? Are new customer more important than existing customers? What is the point of adding new customers when you are steadily losing old ones?

Thanks for this post, Satya. These kind of posts let me know which services/products to avoid.

Sushant said...

Dude, dont misunderstand those "Pure it" guys. Infact they serve a dual purpose of purification...ya purify water and 'YOUR SOUL'......
Hows that?????
Through 'Penance'. ya they make you 'REPENT' for your sins (the sin you made by hiring thier sevice). Once you go through this 'PENANCE' (and repent for your decision to buy Pureit) your soul will be pure
"Pure water for Pure Soul" that should be their tag line.....

Shilpa said...

well just one pureit only if you know some top guy in HLL ...will help in getting your battery changed! ....why do we need to shout and scream evrytime to get things our country...!

Bani said...

Thou shall prefer impure water to Pureit...trauma and torture in both cases guaranteed!

Kaajal said...

Dude! u need to contest for elections!! some clout u have man! getting some HLL hobnob to get ur water purifier fixed.. that too in remote hyderabad!

we want satya.. we want satya.. we want satya!

ripul said...

Pureit seems pureshit! Also no one is a holy saint when it comes to customer service -- neither a white goods manufacturer or a specialized IT products manufacturer. They are all interested in selling and not servicing. And, if they do, then they will get customer loyalty that only Apple or Harley or B&O enjoys -- they do not need to sell -- the sales automatically happen.

Here is one instance of my woes with Iomega, a producer of shitty NAS devices. And, mind you, with this post everyone in Iomega India got marching.

Please expose Pureit at all places. Write a review a Mouthshut and customercomplaints. Write everyone's name individually who is responsible for it -- they deserve this for running such a shitty organization.

For my baby, its not going to be pureit.

Sneha said...

For a non-existent brand name, I am surprised that it has the gall to have poor customer service! That's just poor business sense!

My apartment's under construction and we were thinking of buying a water purifier...guess now we know one brand NOT To check out! Thanks for the heads up!

Vidooshak said...

Not only was this a useful post, it was highly entertaining. Ek meherbani aur kar do: In the interest of all those Pure-It victims, publish the contact of the "top" spook at HUL so that even WE can get some service.

I have read unanimous negative reviews about this product. Considering HUL is known for great products, what came over them?

Satyajit said...
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Satyajit said...

Hell is an understatement my friend. Next time you see a road- side tent....burn it.

Thank you. Yea, their motto seems to be, gain 1 customer, kick them in the nuts so you loose them.

Philosophy I see. Unfortunately, it does not work with them. Gaalis work better.

You have come up with the perfect solution. The point is after a bit he too will become insensitive to customer complaints.

Satyajit said...

Ha ha. Nice one.

Yea. My political agenda will be "better service"

Being a business owner you know the pain way better than I do. What these people fail to understand is that Blogs are a very powerful tool to screw their brands over. As I see, Pureit has already lost a few customers....not that they care.

Ha ha. Never thought of it that way, but you are right. See the service ICICI provides and its proof enough. Save yourself trouble, dont buy Pureit.

I see you are a fellow victim. Contact He will get your work done...hopefully. I have nothing against the product as such anyway. Its the service that sucks.

Anonymous said...

Way to go - Get on Linkedin and find the man!!!

btw, why did u refuse the offer of being blown (away) he he...

Meghana said...

the most entertaining stuff you have written in a while. enjoyed all the comments too. apparently their service is as much as a threat to customers as terrorist threats to innocent Indians (so says Col Joshi). Satyajit take notes from Baba on what he went through with GE SBI card. I personally think that this is a great way to reach a larger audience and let them know whats going on in the name of 'customber' service. Keep it up.

Satyajit said...


ha ha. Tempting but not my thing...

Yea. We have a long way to go from lip service to actual service.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever think of Buying "PURE IT WATER FILTER" marketed by Hindustan Unilever, That is the end and after that there will not be any response as they have the habit of not responding to customer calls for service.


Anonymous said...

I just want to let you know about pure it customer care. Please read this and take a decision before you buy pure it.
Last year I bought pure it. I am happy about the quality of the water. But two weeks back (on a Saturday) I placed an order for battery kit. I told them on week days I will not available at home from 8am to 7pm. They told me what time is convenient for us that time their executive will come and deliver the kit. After 4 days (Tuesday) one pure it executive called me and asked me at what time he can deliver the kit. I told him that I am in office and come on Saturday and deliver the kit. He agreed. But on Saturday nobody from pure it called me. I have waited till Tuesday as I was getting water. But on Wednesday pure it got locked and water started leaking. So I called the customer care on Wednesday and asked them about the delivery. They told sorry and open a complaint and told me that I will get the delivery on that day or next day. But nobody called me and delivered the kit. On Thursday evening again called them and explained my situation like I am not getting the water. They again open another complaint. After that I called the executive who called me to deliver the kit. When I called from my mobile he didn’t pick the call, so I called him from my land line. Then he picked the call. He told me his working hour is from 9am to 4:30pm and he cannot come before or after that time (FYI, when I bought pure it newly they delivered it after 7:30pm). So I asked him why he didn’t deliver the product on Saturday, but he didn’t answer anything. Instead of wasting time I asked him to come to my office next day (Friday) at 10am to deliver the kit. He agreed to that and I gave my office address. On Friday till 11am nobody called so I called him asked where he is. He told he will be coming and will call me back in 5min. I have waited one more hour and called the customer care. They repeated the same story like saying sorry and escalating the complaint. But till evening I didn’t get any call from pure it. So on evening also I called them and asked about the delivery they told on Saturday I will get the kit. On Saturday till 10am I didn’t get any call from the executive so I called him several times and he didn’t pick the call. I called the customer care again and they told my complaint has been escalated and surely I’ll get the delivery before evening. Till 4pm I didn’t get any call from the executive so again I called the customer care and they repeated the same story. So I panned to go directly to Pure it office and get the kit. Somehow I found the office (Domlur, Bangalore) and bought the kit. It was after 4:30 and there was 4 executives simply sitting and chatting.
My dear friend this is the experience I got from pure it. Please think and take a good decision.

小小彬 said...
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Kumar said...

Pureit sucks, I am also one of their victim, never buy their product, they make fool to people. Read my review here about Pureit. Thanks for the Post Satyajit.

manjunath said...
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manjunath said...
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Annu... said...

Dear friends,
For any Banglore compliants plz contact me immidiatly.
Rajajinagar Teritory

Manjunath said...

Dear Friends, we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.If you are in Bangalore Please contact below numbers for immediate response.

Tips to get Quick Service

1.Always call to Customer care and register complaint.
2. Preferably give your mobile number so that you can know the status.
3.provide your exact contact number and address.
4.Once you register a complaint it has to be closed within 48 hours,so be patient.

call center number 1860 180 1000

Service TL Number
Shantappa 8050820611

We are are here to serve you
Thank you.
Bangalore Pureit TEAM

Satyajit said...


The point is, even after complaints are registered no work is done. Registration is not the problem. Poor response time and lies are.

karthik said...

hello frnds.. I would like to share a shockin news to all of u.. I am a student n I am at present doin a proj in HUL water PURE IT division.. there s a huge stock prob now at HUL.. customers who hav booked the kit in the past r not receivin their device.. is ther a solution for this?? YES.. HUL people do have a solution..

wat they did was, they hav many old device which they get while BUY BACK offfer.. HUL people take one part from each kit n make it a device n deliver it to customer.. this happened.. do believe.. I do not belong to any anti-HUL community.. so make up ur mind before buyin it..

Manjunath said...

Where have you seen this Mr. Karthik.

I just want to clarify one thing We do have Buy Back offer and for that we will not exchange pureit.we only take candle filter and other purifiers.I know there is battery kit service delay but what karthik is telling is untrue.
My humble request to karthik that if you have really seen that immediately complaint your reporting manager.

Anonymous said...

hehe! Such a nice write up... :Pempl

Anonymous said...

Hey Ragamuffin, need your help. Tell me the name of the guy who helped you out. Frankly, I have not yet reached the Fuckit stage. I stay in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai, and in the last two months since I have purchased the PureIT have called Support thrice. All my problems with the water inlet, which keeps coming out from its inlet and I need service as it is INSIDE the filter. I think I have a defective piece and I need to contact SOMEONE who is RESPONSIBLE and understands that there are now CONSUMER COURTS in India.


Satyajit said...


I wrote to

No clue if he is still around.

siyapeera said...

Pure it has a very good service team all over ap, please take decision on your own, dont listen to who has bad experience, bcoz bad may be 1% and good will be 995 in any thing so take on your own

Antony said...

What ever be the general opinion, I am damn sure about the quality of purity it gives.

If you could manage to put the battery kit yourself then there is no worry. Its very simple and I have done it myself. So when you buy pureit order a spare battery kit. And you could replace it yourself. Its not a big deal at all.!!

Anonymous said...


RAV said...

So PUREIT is F***INGIT, i thought about buying the product tomorrow, but thank god.

I don't know about the product nor do care, my logic is if a company don't know customer service then don't buy their products.

Amit Jha said...

We have been facing this issue as well in Mumbai - Pure It stopped working all of a sudden and no response from call center..

Every day we were told that wait till 8 PM. Nothing happens!!

Now several days later we called several people named below

1. Called toll free number - spoke with Customer Support who connected to...

Name: Abhinav Patel
Called from Toll free number
Senior Executive Mumbai

Spoke to him who asked us to call

Name: Sushil Pande

Spoke to the Manager who asked us to call

Name: Deepak Silar

Who is looking into the matter and has not resolved the issue .

Who is the person who takes responsibility of this lousy service in Hindustan Lever Pureit?

I'll try LinkedIn.

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Anonymous said...

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Shailesh Krishna said...
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Shailesh Krishna said...

I am an Industrial designer. To develop new devices to make life easy is our job. My roommate brought a 14ltr Pureit home, and my instant reaction to it was not very enthusiastic. over time, this product has only proven me right.
Within 5 months your primary filter gets scaled, so you have to keep scrubbing it off regularly. In the same period, the thing that people call 'battery pack' stops functioning. Actually is nothing but a chamber which holds a little chlorine compound that releases chlorine in water that keeps some bacteria under check. Water starts getting yellowish and then you see fungal growth inside almost all compartments. Now, no matter how much you take it apart, you just cant clean this stupid design with all of its nooks and corners(open it to agree with me). Then comes little plastic walls in all chambers which dont let all the water out of one compartment ever. Serves as a breeding place for more of the green goo. On the floor of the second chamber is a yet another marvel of useless addition, which is an upside down U shaped tube with an opening on the bottom side, so first water has to go up it and then down. I removed it after 1 month and it actually worked a little faster. The there is the mother of all geniuses, the third chamber, which is not the transparent one, but the bottommost one. Why?, because water goes down first before it comes up to the transparent part. But dont think theres magic there. First the water gets stored in the base and theres another dechloriniser filter which works slowly and as more water gets dripped in from the second chamber, it allows water in the transparent chamber drop by drop. this also means when you run out of water in the transparent chamber, theres still filtered water in this device, but you just cannot access it, no sir. With time, the device gets slower and more frustrating than its first day.
Now I am sure HUL outsourced the design work, could not have done it in house. I say this because this product from head to toe looks like its parts are forced to work as a team, flanked with unnecessary antics. all the more four fills of a litre bottle is all it takes to empty it. so where are the rest 10 ltrs. actually 14 ltrs is the total volume of the device from the inside. seems like clever marketing got the better of my room mate, and many you guys.
Poor service naturally comes with a poor product, coz even the aftersale department is fed up of going n fixing what was flawed on conception.
Thankyou guys and buy smart. I am going for my old steel chalk filter.
This is for the users.However, HUL brand image coverup artists from marketing and sales are also welcome!

Riddhima Sharma said...

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