Friday, July 17, 2009

WTFness for the day

Story 1:
There is a law where a "dalit" women who is raped will be compensated Rs 50,000. The idea is, we cant give you justice but here is money. The Beatles wrote "Can buy me love" for good reason. Maybe they should have included dignity, time, trauma in there too. There is WTFness at so many levels.
1. Only dalit women are alloted funds after rape. Rest of the women can take a hike.
2. Counselling & justice...nope. Money yes.
3. Why are my taxes being spent on a loosing cause?

I can imagine a dalit rape scam breaking out.

Couples have sex...women accuses him of rape....gets paid....pays and cops and get the man out of jail.....the cycle continues....they live happily ever after. Couples will start early in life. I wont be surprised if this move is touted as a conspiracy against out health minister who say have kids after 30.

"The rules prescribe that in the case of rape, the Dalit victim is entitled to compensation of Rs 50,000 with the proviso that 50% of that sum should be paid immediately after her medical examination and the balance at the conclusion of the trial. Mayawati is not to blame for these meager amounts; it is the failure of the Centre to update the rules".

Story 2: TOI-Hyderabad-17th July, 2009
The chief minister of Andhra in Dec 2006 had announced in the lobby of the state assembly that the state would bring about a legislation that would make HIV screening compulsory for couples to wed in the state. Come 2009 and the "announcement" was not implemented. Its the thought that counts you know. Meanwhile, since 2007, almost 3,000 women tested positive within six months to one year of getting married.

The reason for not implementing?

The proposal got shelved because of opposition from human rights groups who contended that it would cast aspersions on the character of the couple. Wow "cast aspersions". I wonder given a choice what the 3000 infected women would choose:
a. People being rude to your to be husbands
b. Being HIV positive.
Common sense in the government it seems is like the Lochness monster. Everyones heard of one's seen it.


ranjit said...

Like i said.... BE POSITIVE, Unless you have HIV. In that case BE NEGATIVE

Satyajit said...

Jack is back I see.

Anonymous said...

he he, loved the last line - Lochness Monster...

Seriously WTF!

Nilesh said...

:-) R B-Joshi only meant to vent her anger but her comments were distasteful and implausible! Defiling mayawati???????? Yuck!!! Not even for the bravest of the crooks!!

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Montag said...

In re: money for rape.

It seems that society has failed to end a particular viciousness, and thinks the money is a small price to pay for the illusion of "having done something".

It is a small price.

Gopal Sea said...

Josh ... the last general elections were fixed in certain places by the RAW... I am more into facebooking and twittering these days. Here's my message to Advani...
I'm no Advani sympathiser but since India was to have been a superpower by now, 30 years after my birth, it wouldn't have been possible without fixing the last elections in favour of the Congress. The 2009 General Elections were fixed by th...e RAW. Sorry Advaniji it was not your fault, the country needed a non-controversial stable government. And for those voters who middle fingered my motherland feel Comfortably Numb... The Rain Check... even someone like Ram Vilas Paswan lost. He had the biggest margin as well as the record for number of lok sabha victories

Gopal Sea said...

Josh My Friend... Animal Farm by George Orwell... Pigs ruling over the world.. Fall of communism... Read it... These days I only blog at What's the frequency, Gopal ... and I have friends in The West Wing