Friday, July 3, 2009

377/69= decriminalized homosexuality

Homosexuality refers to sexual attraction or sexual behavior between people of the same sex, or to a sexual orientation...
India has finally stepped out of the closet (legally) by decrimilizing homosexuality. The Delhi High Court effectively decriminalized homosexuality. As of today, it is no longer illegal to be gay in India. Yipee...

Does this mean that gay and lesbians will be
1. treated equal
2. not frowned on
3. not busted by the cops
4. looked upon as abnormal and
5. seen as people against our "culture"?
That my friend is evolution, which takes thousands of years. For now let's the just stick to decriminalized it and take it from there. My generation NEVER spoke about sex at home. Homosexuality was an unknown concept and the first time I heard it I went...."but why? who can like men (except women) when women are so attractive". Anyway

The religious bandwagon has already opposed the move which they see as being against god's will. Am particularly amused at the stand the church has taken on abolishing Sec 377.....hahah. What a farce. I can imagine 2 priest chatting up:

Priest 1: WTF is with this government. Now anyone can be a homosexual and get away with it. This move takes away our special privileges.

Priest 2: Dont get your panties in a bunch. We can rape minors and get away with it. So we still rule. Maybe baba ramdev can make a medicine to cure this disease.

Terms for homosexuals/lesbians in popular culture:
Homo, gay, fag, queer, faggot, dykes, fairy, flame, putt from the rough, poff, corn holing, butt pirate, fudge packer, fruit, brokeback etc etc