Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Chaddis and Publicity

The digital theater is abuzz with the Pink Chaddi Initiative against the Ram Sena for assaulting and molesting 5 women at a Mangalore pub. NDTV and TOI both covered it recently. Details here

I understand the satire and pun attached but HOW does this achieve anything? Does it show we care? Does it tell the RS we wont be quiet anymore? WHAT?

Having said that, I assume this is the best way to go about it since I cannot come up with any constructive ideas. I can only imagine some of the conversations in various political circles.

Shiv Sena:
New Shiv Sainik: Saar, we pioneered in beating people up and apposing V-Day. How is this new kid on the block taking the glory.
Veteran Shiv Sainik: Forget about it son. You loose some, you win some.

MNS chief: Dayam, why didn't I think of that?

Ram Sena:
Pramod Muthalik: ha ha. I could not have planned this better. So much publicity without having to pay that over-priced PR agency!

I know it sounds absurd but the facts are not too far from fiction. Pramod Muthali has political ambition, period. Beating women is a means to an end. The free publicity he gets only makes the organization stronger and better prepared for the upcoming elections.

My conspiracy theories and solutions:
Physical oppression needs a physical response and political oppression a political response.
V-Day in India to a large extent is a corporate scam starring Hallmark and the Archies gallery franchisee. We need to get funding from these guys to get back at people who oppose V-Day. There is no justice like mob justice. The best part is no one goes to jail. Employee a few hundred bouncers for a day and go ransack the RS office. Going rate for a bouncer is INR 800/- for 8 hrs. People in Engineering colleges supporting the cause should make Robots that scare children and can be tweaked to be arsonists.
I, not have come up with any constructive ideas and having opposed all who have come up with some, am going to subject to torture that would equal being given a prostate exam by Hritik Roshan using all his fingers.


Anonymous said...

I guess this PCC is a novelty indeed. It is a smart way of protest. It definitely shows you how forward Women can be in India and I'm loving it :)

Radha said...

free publicity is fine. but it would be scary if this stunt actually gave the guy any political support or mileage!

Satyajit said...




It WILL get him political mileage. Why else would the RS call the media before they attacked the women? COVERAGE. The media on its part went to watch the tamasha. No one gives a shit...its always about mileage.