Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things About Me

Guess the bug has got me so here is my list.

1) Am a die hard Maharashtrian and I love Pune- my official "hometown"

2) I studied in 6 different schools across 4 states in India

3) I have fired most handguns the Indian Army possesses and am a marksman (9/10 hits over 3 rounds of firing). Insas, Carbine, LMG, MMG, AK-47, 0.9mm Pistol.

4) I think all kids (boys) should be beaten if necessary. Smack them once and when they start to cry smack them again to show that you mean business

5) It freaked me out for the longest time (till I was 7) to see Gandhi/Nehru etc giving a speech on the TV though they were dead for a long time.

6) A friend of mine had convinced me that there are no mosquitoes in France as the entire nation was cover with a giant mosquito net

7) I put on 31 kg in 9 months.

8) I loved growing up in the 80's where there was no TV, internet, mobiles, when days were spent roller blading, trekking etc and it was ok just to GET THROUGH school.

9) I believe in god. Am just not convinced about the concept of rituals etc

10) I love to smoke. Its the only vice I have.

11) Fantasies: 1) Time travel, 2)Have an army of Terminators (T-1000 model) at my disposal 3)Immortality

12) I have a terrific set of parents and a sister who I fear, respect and love dearly

13) My wife gets along with my folks way better than I do. Am told its rare.

14) S and I are poles apart. All my friends wonder how S married a guy like me. I tend to wonder too.

15) I wish I was taller. I really wish.

16) Am not much of a reader. Give me audio visuals any day.

17) If I could be born in a different era, race, country it would be the 60's in the US when Floyd, The Beatles etc and drugs were young.

18) I married the right women and was born to the best parents. Have the best sis and bro-in-law possible

19) I love my Bullet and I hate people who don't like it

20) I have never voted

21) I have the gift of looking interested and pretending to understand everything in all my social interaction

22) I speak/read/write- English, Hindi, Marathi and pretend to understand Gujarati and Punjabi

23) I have nicknames I can't/wont tell you

24) I would love to stay in Japan for at least a year

25) I love football, chess and tennis. I hate watch women play/perform except in the WWE and synchronized swimming. The men's game is way high on quality to take a step down to watch women play.


Mousumi Ghosh said...

Hey really interesting
I liked the 5th "It freaked me out for the..... long time" and the 7th point "I put on 31 kgs in 9 months".

Archana Narayan said...

When I saw the title, I really expected a really scandalous list. Bit disappointed...:)

Kaajal said...

Yeah.. I too expected something new! u going gaga over S and ur bike is stalemate :) but yes point 3 was an eye opener.. and for the last point.. FO!

Satyajit said...

ha ha. Thanks. The 31 kgs was a freak of nature.

Archie / Kaajal
What were you guys expecting? My police record, my cocaine cartel photos, porn career details or names of my illegitimate children? Kaajal - S and the bullet take up 5 points outta 25. Women suck at entertainment value as compared to men playing. Period

What I wrote was from the heart.....sniff :-)

Vaish said...

26) I speak about my wife at least 21 times a day.

27)Rarely can I relate to any concept without bringing in a sexual connotation. I once explained demand/supply concepts to a bunch of people by talking about the poor supply of women in a mechanical engineering course, which results in a high demand for them.

Kaajal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaajal said...

"My police record, my cocaine cartel photos, porn career details or names of my illegitimate children? " YES, thats exactly what we want to see here! and dont be touchy about S and the bike! we love them too! we are looking for masala not mush ;)

Satyajit said...

You talk about your ex 25 times a day. Think I am justified talking about my wife 21 times a day :-)

Concepts are better understood if related to everyones favorite topic. Everyone understood Demand and Supply when I taught it. I rule.

Masala - Salman Khan would do the trick. KJo would be a better option. Plus my police record is confidential :-)

Shilpa said...

U are perfect ...except well you know the point !

Radha said...

You're a marksman??? Never knew that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this tag is everywhere. Just finished mine.

But, Knowing a little bit of you from your posts, me too expected something really weird... Masala as said before. he he Who are you kidding?

Satyajit said...


Marksmen before I gained weight and stopped exercising.


Dude, weird. WTF. hahaha

Radha said...

You mean you were thinner once that how I remember you from sift? :)

Btw, meant to ask you this...whats a "die-hard" Maharashtrian?

Satyajit said...


Not thinner than what I was in SIFT. About the same.


小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.