Monday, February 9, 2009

Of whiskys and dosas

Decided to have a laaazy lunch at a friend's place yesterday. "Laaazy"....the jury is still out on that one.

To spend a lazy Sunday afternoon

Time line:
2pm to 10.30 pm

R: the host, a.k.a "chic londa" with a loved up bachelor pad and as calm as a dead fish. Suffers from a mild form of OCD

M: Unassuming, patient, sleepy guest. Loves Silk Smitha. Sings like a canary be it Altaf Raja or Kumar Shanu songs

L: M's better half. Hyper, wannabe chef, sucker for etiquette & palm reader. Suffers from OCD

S: my (much)better half. The only non drinker in the group. Cleanliness freak

Me: I do justice to the food. Stupid when normal. Ludicrous when drunk

1 kg mutton keema, 1 kg chicken rassa, 1 kg mutton biriyani, 1 lt dosa batter, 10-15 lts of beer, gin, whiskey and a 32' LCD.
Discussions ranged from Hindu mythology, palmistry, real estate/hospitality sector, to how would we would like to "do" Silk Smitha.

1) I get real pissed when am woken up by sprinkling water on my face
2) M can sleep peacefully with a plate in one hand and the TV remote in the other
3) Beer does not leave stains on the tablecloth
4) I am not the "only" idiot in the room
5) R will never again invite us over. EVER


Shilpa said...

ya ya right!! and the person whos writing this .....was dazed throughout the party..however an exciting sunday ...must do it more often ..guess we have to find a new place...we ransacked R's fridge as well!! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

MTV had a campaign " oru whisky oru masal dosa , mind it"
sunday afternoons are designed for a good sleep ..
just imagine that little bit sun rays coming through the curtain , falling on your face and a boring black and white movie playing .. who wouldnt sleep with a remote in one hand and a plate in the other ..

Satyajit said...


Dont let the secrets out. Yea, a repeat "Sunday" is essential


I wonder who you are!!! :-)

Meghana said...

ha ha. sounds like a load of fun. of course since i have an OCD about cleanliness, not sure if I could be as gracious as your host R was!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a funday! But didn't your wife kill you for wasting a weekend sitting at home? Mine definitely would :P

My brother used to tell me, the non-drinker has the most fun watching others in booze nights. (I guess that was to keep me away)

Now, I know better :)

Satyajit said...

Yea, R was an awesome host. I may have pushed a few out of the balcony if they behaved the same at my place.

Wasting? How did you come to that? We went over to R's house so technically we went out...he he. Yea, non-drinkers have all the fun.