Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai burning - let the games begin

The blame game has begun. Ruling v/s opposition.
Blaming Pakistan is the biggest joke. Why are we blaming Pakistan? Let me explain.

Pakistan is doing what it IS supposed to do. Its called foreign policy. Its their job and in their best interest to destabilize India and they are good at what they do. So why the hell are we blaming someone for doing their job? I remember the exchange between Robert Deniro and Al Pacino in "Heat" where Diniro(bad guy) says " I ain't never going back, I do what I do best, you (Al Pacino) do what you do best- try and stop guys like me". Al Pacino (good guy) says "if I do see you around the corner I wont hesitate to put you down". That kind of sums it up for me. They do what they do best and we need to do our best to stop them. If the Pakistani cricket team beats us in a match do we go and dig up their practice pitches and disrupt their strategy meetings? NO. We practice more and make better strategies to win the game.

The PM announced that there will be more NSG hubs in India. Isn't the NSG wing a reactive unit? Wont they come after the terrorists have taken over? I had written in my earlier post of the difference between Intelligence (Proactive) and Security (Reactive). We are placing more importance on a reactive model than a proactive one. On the flip side if the reports are to be believed there was enough warning about the attacks and the govt. did not move their asses.

I wonder where the MNS was/is during all this time. The 3 stooges i.e ex-Union Home Minister, Maharashtra CM and Deputy CM are all---Marathi Manoos. Maharashtra for Maharastrians at this cost? No thank you. The irony is that the majority of security personals killed were also Maharashtrians. How does MNS pitch this for their advantage is the biggest question.

Forthcoming attractions:

1)Ex-Union Home Minister - Will star in the Hindi version of Terminator where he plays the "Dumbo-nator" who is imperious to feelings, expressions and logic. He is responsible for thousands of deaths but has no remorse or explanation.

2)Maharashtra CM - Will star in RVG's adaptation of "Jewel in the Crown" , renamed "Golis in the Taj" with his 24 carat lump of talent-dung son.

3)Maharashtra Deputy CM - Will be replacing SRK in the remake of DDLJ renamed "Bandookwale Mumbai Ley Jaayenge". His favorite dialog will of course be "bade bade seharo me, aise choti choti baate hoti hi rehti hai". heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Madhuri said...

seriously...I was shocked to read an article which placed India among the top 20 dangerous places in the world to visit ...God help us!!!!

ripul said...

I as a citizen of India demand "Z" category security for all Indians. Demand is easy, here are "simple" ways to fulfill it:

a. Implement police reforms in full within 2 months. Bring police out of the clutches of the politicians. The force must be an autonomous force.

b. Raise a separate police force that protects politicians so that a citizen can clearly get full attention of the police that is supposed to provide security for all the Indian citizens. This will also bring in transparency in how much is spent on protecting politicians vs. the citizens of India.

c. Have counter terrorism squads who can promise to reach and snub acts of terrorism in a time bound manner. Their functioning must be autonomous and tied to the anti-terrorism policy.

d. Have a clear anti-terrorism policy.

e. Like union budget, each government department must have a yearly policy declarations and implementation plans. They also must clearly show the citizens what happened last year. This must be shown live on TV like the budget. Make them accountable.

f. All citizens must avoid all contacts/interface with any politician from now on. Do not call politicians for any functions, don't ask them to inaugurate anything, don't go to their speeches, don't attend any function they attend -- socially boycott all politicians.

g. Start 100s of email campaigns to enroll each and everyone of the educated citizen of the country for voter registration. Everyone must vote. Politicians of this country don't want educated people to vote -- lets show them that each and every educated person will vote from now on. Jaago re!

h. Ask our right to not vote for anyone -- we must have a choice to vote for 'no one' in the voting machine/ballot.

shilpa said...

i agree with you Satyajit. although i really hope that these two posts of yours reach these people who so call are our leaders its upto the common man to get up and take action! Its time we show that we are the true sense otherwise today its Mumbai tomorrow it will be dont know what.....

Satyajit said...

Guess only God can help us now.

The biggest question in our country is HOW? Your suggestions will help in bringing the train back on track but HOW do we implement them is the biggest question.

Think our "leaders" know all that I have written and a lot more. The point is they dont give a shit.

ripul said...

Let all of educated people start voting... will you also promise to get 100 others to vote?

as_him said...

Looks like a "boom" time for India in every sense of the word..

shakester said...

Interesting, to say that they are doing what they must. Except not quite, no? They must engange in stratgey to attain their ends, that is called foreign policy. This, I 'm afraid is not foreign policy. Its....there you go, you'll have to come up with a term for it!
Even of this govt has clean intentions, they are pating the price for having terror outfits that were created long ago but are today out of control. Well, their control at any rate.

ranjit said...

That was very very nicely written. i honestly didnt think of it that way.

But then i didnt think of a lot of things in my life too:

Like Voting: Never really got around to it cuz I likened the parties I was given to vote for like choosing between chewing your own arm or stabing it

Like Studying : cuz I used the same ol line of WHAT GOOD IS IT DONE ANYONE (and now I know)

Like Praying: Cuz even though I thought I was an atheist I do feel a sense of calm when I close my eyes and think that the BIG GUY has my back.

But yeah getting back to what happened in Mumbai is that of someone who is committed like a serial killer. No matter what kind of intel u have theres nothing that a man committed will not do no matter how many satellites u have in the sky or how many ministers u shuffle around.

Its basically the disease that mutates to defeat the cure. They`ll get stronger as we do.

My Point is don’t make it so easy that they don’t even have to try hard. 2 months training to take down potentially 5000 people????? (and lets face it besides the ammo shortage or probably boredom they really was lil else stopping them, opposed to RR patil saying that they stopped them from achieveing that Number because of his swift action) there`s no way he could have stopped em from killing more unless they fed more victims into that hotel…. U`ll kill only as much as u can see through the cross hairs

Anyway my ramblings wont end and I hope they don’t end for all of us cuz frankly all we Indians ever do is say CHALTA HAIN YAAR, TERE KO KYAN FARAK PADHA.

BUT FARAK PADHA IS BAAR. We`re used to resuming work the next day cuz we felt alienated from such incidents cuz we never sat it happening. Theres a difference between seeing a dead body and seeing someone die. We saw the carnage the next day as well. We heard the gun shots. Saw the bombs. Saw the Dead. And really ENOUGH IS FKIN ENOUGH.

I heard from an intelligence officer that many of the NSG (Officers/Fighters/HEROES) are being used to ferry our politicians. CAN U FKIN BELIEVE THAT HORSESHIT. I TRAIN ALL THESE YRS AND GET PICKED UP FROM A 1000 APPLICANTS (that truly is the ratio for getting into the NSG. 1 from every 1000) JUST SO I CAN RIDE SHOT GUN WITH A FKIN SHEMALE NAMED MAYAWATI AND TAKE A BULLET IN THE CHEAST. Man i`d like to ride shotgun with that cow just so I could see her face before I backed the car over her fat ass.

I think i`m gonna stop cuz i`m talking shit BUT atleast I know that that’s exactly what i`m saying other then listening to the same bull shit on the news by the servants of this nation with khadi suits on the outside and expensive liquor on the inside.

Rashmi said...

Rips, your last point, we have the option of not voting for anyone as per Section 49-0 of the constitution. A person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote for anyone!

If a candidate wins by say 100 votes, and if there are more than 100 no votes in that ward, then polling is cancelled and a re-poll done. The best part, the candidature of the first contestants are removed and they cannot re-contest since people have already expressed their decision on them.

Radha said...

Uddhav Thackray apparently thinks the most important action point at this time is to drive away Pakistani actors & artists from Mumbai !! Such idiots !!

Satyajit said...

Yea. Apparently 8% growth is supposed to heal all the pain.

I will still call it foreign policy cause there is no other name for it.

Puma (a.k.a Ranjit):
Objections sustained.....

Myth. All of it. Ripul sent this to me today. Read it....

Ha ha. Dont u love the Maharashtrian politicians...its like a "lavni" on steroids 24x7.