Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Traffic cops

The disadvantage of riding a Bullet is that all cops assume that you have tons of money. What they fail to understand is that we SPENT all our money buying the thing. I tend to stand out in a crowd (for all the wrong reasons) cause ride a MH-12 registration Bullet in Hyderabad, had the exhaust changed to get a louder thump and am constantly yelling at fellow riders. My luck finally caught up with me last evening when I got pulled over by a traffic cop. I assume the havaldar was new to the force with his Inspector saab pulling people over about 15 feet away. This is how the conversation went...

Cop: License, PUC certificate, NOC. (All originals are in Pune btw)

Me: Saar, I have sent all the docs to Pune RTO for the NOC. Here is my license though.

Cop: There is a fine of Rs. 1200 for not having a NOC

Me: (Agitated) - The Pune RTO is asking me for money to give a NOC and you wanna fine me for not having one. I am new to this city and this is how you treat me? (been here for 14 months now)

The cop was taken aback returned my license and uttered the 3 words we all love to hear when pulled over...


With my wallet Rs. 30 lighter I squeezed the trigger before his Saab could come over for his share.


Archana Narayan said...

I really don't think the bullet has anything to do with it. I do agree that the noise the thing makes could have attracted the cops attention. I think the MH registration was the biggest eye-catcher. When Rajeev rode his Yamaha RX 123, he was asked to stop every time he crossed a cop because of the AP registration.

Satyajit said...

The Bullet is the king of the road. Plus its not "noise", its symphony. This is the second time in 14 months that I have been pulled over...:-)

shilpa said...

smart ass ! we will be new to the city after 2 years too