Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama's Apple

"I Love Obama" is the most used phrase in India right now replacing "you want to make franship"? I really appreciate Obama for winning the election to create history and all. I, not knowing what it is like to be a black man, oops - African American in American politics makes him larger than life. Indians are going ga-ga over his victory and were "supporting" Obama right through the build-up towards voting day. Its like the modern day Diwali when prabhu O-Ba-Ma came home. Light the chillums and make some noise.
What I fail to understand is why the Indian middle class who don't have the right to vote in the US, have a right but don't vote in India and are nobodies in the entire US election context feel concerned (+ve) about Obama winning. Other than our matching skin tone we have nothing in common with Obaman.
Obama for me is like the Apple iThing - everybody loves it and nobody know what it does. People have been giving me dirty looks every time I tell them to get over the hype and wait for the guy to prove himself. Middle class Indians somehow feel that Obama being elected will somehow make the lazy plumber turn up on time and their dogs potty-trained without any training. Some say they "relate" to him...his struggles etc. He is "very much", ekdum like us desis. They say "he too does not switch off his mobile phone on a flight, says 2 into 2 and not 2 times 2, calls an eraser a rubber and thinks a used finger bowl is veg clear soup".
Frankly India does not register as a "friend" on the Obama list and outsourcing is something Obama is against. Bravo. If he keeps his word and does what he promised we may see another Saurav Ganguly in the making.....(love him-hate him).
Anyway....congratulations to Mr. Obama. You made me proud. (like he gives a shit)


Archana Narayan said...

I was asking my hubby the other day why US elections is made such a fuss about. The front page of all Indian newspapers covered this in great detail for several days. My hubby explained that US is the ruling country and what changes there effects the world. Really, I think the whole thing is hyped. US elections is over and Obama is now the president, get over it people!!

Smriti said...

I agree with you and Archie. He's just another one.

col arun joshi(veteran) said...

We the Desi middle class suffer a guilt. We do not get off our fannies when it is time to vote and bring about a change. We would rather complaint and feel happy. Obama has been able to galvanise his middle class(with a lot of help from Bush)and get them to express themselves.I think more than Obama our wonder and appreciation is for their middle class manifested through going ga ga over O.
Our O is Mayawati. When she becomes the PM of our nation we would have achieved the other parameters which this US elections has achieved. For this we need our middle class to activate themselves as was the case during our Independence struggle.
O has the everest to scale. Hopeful he will be Tenzing & Hillary combined in one.

Arjun said...

I was at the Armed force HQ when news broke that he'd won... and guess what the Colonel sitting next to me gave a victory whoop as if we'd got back Kashmir!!

BUSH kicked HUSSEIN out of IRAQ and now ironically BUSH( and his cronies) have been kicked out and a man who can claim that HUSSEIN is his middle name gets to run the show!!

Yatin said...

Breaking News!!!!
Finally, Obama calls up Dr Singh.
Do you need anymore proof how much it is the second coming of....

Radha said...

You get "you want to make franship" messages too???? :))