Monday, August 11, 2008

Gold - At last .........


Did not think would see this during my lifetime - but India has won its first individual gold medal at the Olympics, 2008.
Abhinav Bindra won the Gold in the 10 meter Air Rifle event.
Dont think we as Indians are going to be able to handle this. We are going to go overboard and will eventually overkill the guy's success.

My prediction is that this is what may happen:
1) TV channels will interview Bindra's doodhwala/paperwali/kaamwali bai, 4th std art teacher, extended family etc. They will all take credit for shaping up the young man's future. 4 years stock of Kaju Barfi will pour into the Bindra's house, enough to make Abhinav overweight which prevents him from contesting in the next Olympics.
2) KPS Gill will take credit for his success. I dont know "how" but he will somehow convince all of us that he is responsible for the gold.
3) Suresh Kalmadi will claim the "Dronacharya Award" for training Bindra and get it too. "It was me who sold him a second hand Alto @ Rs. 80k so he could come and train at my Sai Service petrol pumps all over India".
4) Bollywood - Bindra will be the hottest bachelor in tinsel town. Actresses will be his bum chums and the next RVG release - Gun Master G-10 will have him in the leading role.
5) Politics - Bindra will be elected as a MP before he steps onto Indian shores
6) Rishta for franship and marriage will start pouring in
7) Advertising- he will be the new face of Lux, Amul Underwear, Nike, Lays, LIC etc to name a few. Watch out SRK.....
8) Caste wars- various castes will battle it out to proclaim that Bindra belongs to their caste. This will lead to widespread violence with people being shot between the eyes from 10 meters (no pun intended)

I could go on but I could not run the 100 meters in under 16.8 seconds. Hats off to the guy. Really makes me proud to be an Indian....atleast for a few days.


Nilesh said...

Know what. There are already discussions on how Bindra made it by some supernatural stroke of luck else the Chinese chap was far better! JH Christ! Apna junta never gives credit when its due.
Gun Master G-10? ;-)

Satyajit said...

ha ha...yea the moon and stars were positioned just right plus the gravitational pull was perfect for Bindra's rashi hence he won. No talent required.

as_him said...

Another perspective to the story