Monday, July 28, 2008

Terror strikes

Another set of terror strikes in the form of bomb blasts. I felt the pain, anger and then discussed about it at the party I attended( for a b'day not this) that very night. Guess that sums up what we as a nation really feel about what happens to others in our country. At some time during our lifetimes we do realize that poverty, unemployment, hunger--these issues don't affect us. Brands, higher salaries, bigger cars and smaller cellphone-- these things bother us.
I saw a lot of politicians give the same old crap about how they would catch the perpetrators and help the affected. We have seen time and again that neither of them is true. Same government, different government....all the same. The noida police screwed up a simple murder investigation and the CBI had to step in to solve the case. Imagine these guys being pivotal in the homeland security network. IB, RAW or anybody else cannot answer a simple question of mine "will I come back home in 1 piece if I step out of my house today"? Answers to complex questions like "who is responsible" etc that my wife/folks/friends will ask after I become processed food are like the universally unanswered questions like "why are we here" and "who is god"?
I fail to understand how a government is elected with any performance commitments. Meaning...when anybody join a company or starts a business he/she has set parameter which will measure their value/performance at the end of a specific time period. Some are qualitative and some quantitative. All are actionable. No government can guarantee us the basics:
1) No farmer will commit suicide due to failure to return loans
2) Everyone will have 24 hrs of electricity/water
3) There wont be more than 10 civilian deaths due to terrorism this year
4) Inflation wont cross 8 %
How does a government not own up to anything or promise anything that benefits the nation rather than his constituency, caste, gender, religion etc.
Why do I have key result areas (KRAs) when the government dont?

Why should I pay taxes this month?????


Rashmi said...

It is frustrating when terror strikes since it usually affects the man on the street the worst. The damages to property have been huge in these blasts. As a nation, we are too soft, couple it with a bureaucracy that couldn't care less & we the sitting ducks for terrorists.

Archana Narayan said...

It is really scary as no place is safe anymore. Elder call me up and say don't go to crowded places. Are there such places? We are extremely vulnerable to anything and everything evil. Terror strikes every time a person is killed for money, drunken (or sober) driver hits pedestrians, woman is raped.... add bombs (even low intensity ones) to it and what more do we need?

shipra gupta said...

It is scary to see the new face of terrorism in India. The recent blasts and not to forget the school shoot outs.
What bothers me is the promotion of guns and violence in movies and TV soaps. Nobody raises an objection to this, all the tobacco and alcohol ads are banned, which causes min damage to individual, but promoting guns, blood, hatred DOES effect the society and nation.

Meghana said...

brilliantly written. succinctly put down all the frustration, anger and the 'right questions'