Friday, August 29, 2008

Leaders -----and a few observations

Saw Obama's speech today accepting the Democratic nomination for president. It touched upon quite a few issues..
1) Taxes - how he plans to cut down on taxes for the middle class
2) Outsourcing - how he would stop American jobs being outsourced
3) Education- how every American must have it
4) War in Iraq and Afghanistan
5) Control on Insurance companies and big Corporates duping employees
6) Oil shortage - and how American should tap their own resources / Alternate fuel research
7) Global warming....etc
He also made it clear that its not going to be easy, inexpensive and how each American needs to understand their responsibilities. He did touch upon how Bush had screwed it up and how he would clean it up. I had to rush to office hence could not see the entire speech.
Here is what I thought of it.

Observation A
This guy can talk. The first sign of a leader is how he delivers speeches (in my opinion). To seem truthful, sincere and inspire confidence in the people is essential. To follow-up and walk the talk is something politicians never do so lets not go there. I swapped between channels during the speech and saw our own PM deliver a speech about the floods in Bihar. It put the fear of god in me to hear him talk. Traces of confidence and trust were missing after a detailed search. He seemed like one of those reality show participants who puts up a brave front on TV after being chucked out waiting to go backstage so they can cry their heart out. He seemed so disinterested while talking....Rs 1000 crs has been alloted as relief. Why not just give the funds and not talk cause its an embarrassment.

Observation B
2) Outsourcing - how he would stop American jobs being outsourced
3) Education- how every American must have it

Can wait for point 2 to be put into action. If he really means what he says and does half of what he promised the overgrown, festering IT bubble in India will burst. We have for 10-12 years been "coding" drones with no focus towards Product Development or pitching India as a "Design" center. Eventually everyone will realize that coding can be done by anyone and that makes us dispensable unless we couple it with Products or innovative designs.

If point 3 is set in motion outsourcing will be enhanced. "Educated" people seems to know more of their right than the uneducated ones. If the standard of education rises in the US, eventually you will need people to do the Blue collar jobs that the educated White collar job holding American will refuse to touch. This is where India and its ability to multiply like rabbits and speak English will come in.

Well these are thoughts but the competition seems to be heating up.

"MCain saab, aapki chaal"


Arjun said...

as you said... point No.2.... i think he's staring at the end of the rainbow.. not really knowing how to get there!

but it will be interesting to see him try. I've met a few american techies during my work with Microsoft... there's stuff these guys will just NOT do... so that LOW value stuff will continue to keep coming...
dats my 2 cents!

Satyajit said...

he seems to have found a way to woo the audience. but Americans as a race are as lazy as Indians. don't quite believe that they would want to get an education when free food coupons are available