Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Different strokes

Lots been said/written about the "election budget" this year. Not getting into that. Have been reading about farmers who got their Rs. 15000/- loan waived off and are actually in a position to restart their lives.
On the other hand we have Ludhiana-based businessman Amit Malhotra who bought the number - 9780000000 - from mobile company Hutch in July for a mind-boggling Rs 15,50,000/- through an online auction.

Rs 15,000 - "meri life bangayi"
Rs 15,50,000 - "saddi life bangayi"

Similar aren't they?

Maybe I could get a loan to fund a fancy number and have it waived off....!!!

dial in here!


Radha said...

I wonder how many sales calls Amit Malhotra is going to get.... Considering all the credit card companies & tele-marketing companies know his phone number from the newspapers & know he's rich....maybe he'll change his number soon.

Parvez said...

maybe he'll change his number soon.

Lol- good one radha