Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting old and hating it!

Ah....the exuberance of youth, the freedom, the carefree days, license to act stupid, all gone. I hate to admit it but having reached the "middle" phase of life i just cant let go of the "youth" phase,though the signs are telling.
I cant relate to the u:th of today.....with most going "i love ma laptop, ma car, ma ipod, ma mobile". Ma mobile? WTF is that? All i remember is pappu pager and munna mobile.
The kids in my building are unrelenting too. It first hit me when i was politely told by "running nose ramesh"* to return the cricket ball with a "Uncle can we have our ball back"? I had about 3 kgs of grocery in hand at the time and swerved around to check if a burly looking man was stalking me. Nope, no such luck. Almost blurted out "I'll shove this ball up your arse if you call me uncle again".

*(a kid in the building. dont know his name so call him that)

Guess its harder than i though but am just going to have to live with it especially with unrelated people at the fag end of their lives asking "to beta, khush khabri kab suna rahe ho....."

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