Tuesday, December 18, 2007


throughout my school and college days I always though my teachers had vital qualities missing....like the passion to teach and a cerebrum. college did not change much mostly because i did not know what the inside of a classroom looked like enhanced by the fact that my Marketing professor could not speak English. MBA bought about a change in terms of the ignorant c**** wore a tie and spoke in a corporate lackey lingo which sounded like a chipmunk's mating call.
i was reborn when i stepped into the corporate world but soon found out that Learning (other than on the job necessities) was a myth.
now don't get me wrong, I ain't the kind of guy who has the hungry for learning or is self motivated. I could almost go through life whilst being stuck in the last layer of Maslow's pyramid. but Learning bought on effortlessly is always welcome. i recently joined a company who had the balls to earmark 1 day of the week dedicated to Learning irrespective of pressure from clients for delivery. the best part is they stick to it like a politician to power. it goes like this.....each week one team member prepares (research/study/analyze) a particular topic to present to the team. the topic may range from the existing methodologies in Usability Research/ Learning Solutions (that's what we do) to the feasibility of insurance for cats and dogs.
last week i was the butt of jokes when the lots were drawn and my name came up. you see the people i work with are very very competent and educated....their degrees definitely sound better than mine. the biggest problem was to start thinking again....i used to, till my potty training was complete.
But all said and done i held my own (i would like to think so) while presenting "History of Usability" to the esteemed audience.
I have a very strong feeling that no difficult questions we posed because all were aware that i cry easily under pressure........Let the Learning continue....

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