Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shifting Base

October 2007
Followed by Megs and K's departure to the land of ignorance and opportunity we were at our first big crossroad since our marriage.
after days of grappling with the notion of leaving our cozy setup in Pune we took the plunge and started our trek towards the great city of Hyderabad. i had a new employer and shilpa a new boss. moving out of my previous job proved very eventful for all the wrong reason. a failed attempt to float our own company followed and proved to be the final nail in the coffin.

we arrived in Hyderabad full of anxiety like my first day of school (to be frank - all my school days) though it was not accompanied by shortness of breath, blackouts and sweating. we stayed at the Taj for 15 days which was a hoot. its like wiping your arse with silk. with the house hunting headache taken care of we shifted into our current residence under the guidance and supervision of a women who could shift houses blindfolded and with one hand tied behind her back - mom. we were good to go.

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