Monday, February 22, 2010

The Others

I love messing around with peoples belief systems. I love to observe people react when the house of cards that their belief systems were come crashing down. Acting like a sociopath and saying things even though you know they are politically incorrect/wrong makes people very uncomfortable. I love it. Try the following:

1) Say honestly is bullshit, that virtue hold no water- to an old timer. Especially a Gandhian.
2) To a feminist/any human being: Rape is so overrated. Women should grow up a bit.

You get the picture.

The following incidence actually happened. Its not as crazy as the statements above but it was fun:

A friend of mine, lets call him Ajax came over to my house on Saturday and we decided to step out for dinner. Ajax is a Muslim (very important to mention this) born and brought up in Pune, knows Pune and its people very well and speaks flawless Marathi. We go to this little joint on JM road in Pune. We are sitting indoors and get down to taking shit and discussing how cruel the world has been to us etc. We are surrounded by 3 tables, all full of Maharashtrian families and teenagers. Now I am not a racist but I stereotype. The place is bumping with "typical" Hindu Maharastrians. The ones who talk in English with a Marathi accent, love cricket, hate football and go out on saturday night not cause they want to but because its part of the routine. Now for those who have not stayed in Pune its a bit difficult to understand this stereotype so I suggest you stop reading this. The rest....go on.

The place is lively with people chatting and waiters running about. Ajax and I are in the middle of our conversation when his phone rings. Its his friend from "that" part of the city. Ajax picks up the phone and says "Salam Alekum". Dayam, the joint turned into a Chinese Whisper game in an instance with all eyes looking at us as though we were child rapists who got away on a faulty warrant. I nearly choked on my food and started snickering. The place was never the same again. We were outsides. We did not belong. I could not let go of this opportunity.

We paid the bill and were about to leave when I get up from the table and let out a loud "Allah hu Akbar". The expressions were priceless post that. We could not stay long as we were laughing our asses off.


Meghana said...

ha ha tremendous!!!

Shilpa said...

trust u to do it ha ha ha

Siddharth said...

do you think they thought you had a bomb on ya? :)

Satyajit said...


Think it was more to do with the fact we were different. Till we were yapping in marathi we were one of them.
Next time am going to strap hot dogs around my chest and wear a jacket. Taking off the jacket should be fun....

Anonymous said...

You have written it lightly but it must have offended you then.

Not laughing :(

Satyajit said...

Actually, it amused me more than anything.

Montag said...

You have a way of destroying illusion that sort of reminds me of the Lord Buddha's evil twin.