Friday, February 19, 2010

364 days without a smoke

Its been 364 days since I quit smoking....still miss it. I have been told that 95%* of people who quit smoking restart within a year. Guess that is my first top 5% percentile rank in a loooong time.

Its been hard but not as hard as some say it is. Tons of things have happened over the past year. Stuff of joy, sadness, disappointment and excitement. All emotions attracted me towards my trusted friend but I guess I kept my "dark passenger" at bay.
Don't ask me the secret cause there is none. You either do it or you don't.

Wanted to thank all those who supported this endeavour and to those who tempted me to start again - hope all your kids are born deformed :-P

Next target......regular exercise.

*95% - information provided by Puma. If untrue, take it up with him


Vaish said...

awrite! Congrats :) This is certainly something to celebrate!

Satyajit said...

Maybe I can celebrate with a smoke

Montag said...

If you smoked American cigarettes, it might be easier to quit and remian so. They have so many bloody additives and chemicals dumped into them - the latest being something to inhibit flaming to ensure a safer smoke in bed! apparently - have made me allergic to the hideous things.

Thank heavens.

Radha said...

Credit to Shilpa!! There's always a woman behind a man's success; always!! :)

Satyajit said...

Indian cigarettes just suck you in. No pun intended.

This is a conspiracy. Top 5% percentile for the first time in my life and u say I did "paper out"? :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. That's really admirable. I know others who have given up smoking for good, so I know it is possible.

Monsoon rain said...

so typically YOU!!