Friday, January 1, 2010

New year resolutions 2010

It's a new year bitches. I was going through the resolution list I made last year and surprised myself. Given below are the promises made, what I actually meant followed by the 2009 performance. Last year's resolution post

1) Quit smoking
1) Stick to 10 a day
I have quit smoking. Been clean for 311 days.

2) Hit the gym
2) Climb a flight of stairs once a week
Was jogging for 2 months followed by football. Stopped. Have to restart.

3) Stay in touch with relatives
3) Make my wife SMS them once a month
I actually took the effort to attend all family reunions and found out I have a lot in common with my cousins. Will keep in touch.

4) Be a concerned citizen
4) More dinner table conversations about improving the country
Nothing has changed. I pay my taxes on time....if that counts.

5) Be the best husband ever
5) Keep the toilet seat down after taking a leak
My wife seems to think so :-)

6) No road rage
6) Gallis in English only
A little calmer on the road. A little.

7) A vacation outside India
7) A vacation outside India
Singapore. Not a vacation though.

Not made my list for 2010 yet but have a couple of pointers from the Mrs already.