Friday, January 2, 2009

New year resolutions

A new year. A new set of promises to break. Here is my list for 2009. The list is broken into "What I say" & "What I mean"

1) Quit smoking
1) Stick to 10 a day

2) Hit the gym
2) Climb a flight of stairs once a week

3) Stay in touch with relatives
3) Make my wife SMS them once a month

4) Be a concerned citizen
4) More dinner table conversations about improving the country

5) Be the best husband ever
5) Keep the toilet seat down after taking a leak

6) No road rage
6) Gallis in English only

7) A vacation outside India
7) A vacation outside India

Here is wishing you a spanking new year.


Meghana said...

ha ha nice one satadu

ranjit said...


Satyajit said...

ha ha to you too!

Did you see "no stealing" on my list???

Radha said...

lol...happy new year to you & shilpa! maybe the vacation outside india could be to a destination called singapore?

Satyajit said...


HNY to you and H. We just may do S'pore this yr :-)

Arjun said...

Happy New Year Dude!!
Love you list of promises ... v/s actuals....
You have a future in politics :-)

Satyajit said...


HNY to you too. With so much happening around us its hard not to pick up political bullshit...

shilpa said...

nt too happy with the cig one ...better do something ..;)

Anonymous said...

he he... Does your wife know what you mean when you say what you say???

Be the best husband ever??? lol.

Satyajit said...


I assume you are a bachelor....ha ha