Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Back after a break of sorts.

Observations, lies and conversations

I want my woman to be independent:
I want my woman to earn at least 30% lesser than what I do and be moderately successful. She also has to quit working after we have a kid.

Am taking a sabbatical:

I quit my job and am in the process of finding another one. In the meantime pls pls pls don't judge me.

I want to become the CMO/Brand Manager/ Large peice of dung in the next 10 yrs:
I know for the longest time that I am a laid back guy but the people around me tell me otherwise. So I reciprocate saying, I am ambitious.

Trying to quit man. I will, I promise:
Shut the fuck up. Just because you quit you act holier than thou. Recollect those days when you rummaged through the ashtray for leftovers when you ran out of cigarettes.

I have never watched porn:
He is lying.

Girlfriend: I have never felt this way about any one before:
She is lying.

I love Hockey:
Dyanchand is still playing isn't he?

I hate that biach Rakhi Sawant:
I love her. She is the reason reality television exists in India. Love them curves too.

The Effiel Tower looks stunning at night:
Been to Europe. Have you?

People with kids
----other humans DO NOT find your kids as cute as you do. Your instinct makes you blind to the fact that your kids can be perceived as runts
and things others want to hit. "Beta, go to uncle" is something you should refrain from".

I am 30 and cannot make new friends.

Last week I wore a suit to this dinner and was asked to skip the security check and wished 3 times. All others without suits were being frisked. Well I don't
quite blame them cause most of the assholes who cause trouble when frisked wear suits.


Anonymous said...

I like humour, bring it on. Good post...I like the one about being "laid back" and people not accepting it. And definitely relate to those quitters who make our lives hell!

Satyajit said...

Laid back---that's me.

I am a quitter too btw. But have managed to refrain from dishing gyan....

Vaish said...

Welcome back! Good too see that the sabatical has not rusted your tendency for extreme cynicism :)

小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.