Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marathi Manoos Maahan sue Australia

In a move that stunned humans over an IQ of 83, the Marathi Manoos Maahan (3M) party has moved the courts over the happenings in Australia. "That ain't fair mate"- said the 3M spokesman with a hint of pun. He is the same bloke who gave this interview sometime back.

This time around this is what the 3M spokesman had to say.

Correspondent: What is your reaction to all this?
3M: We have take the Australian government to task and will take this case to the Supreme court if necessary. Who does this narcissist Kevin Rudd think he is? How can he treat us Indians like this? Priety Zinta showered her love on Brett Lee as if he was Bhaskar Lele and this is what we get in return? Australians are behaving like the convicts they really are. When asked if this would turn into a violent protest in Maharashtra where state property will be set on fire the answer was an affirmative. This is how we will show we care.

Correspondent: Is this move politically motivated?
3M: WTF are you taking about?

Correspondent: Well, taking the Aussie govt to court over attacks on Indians is an excellent move to project yourself as a party ready to fight elections at a national level.
3M: Bhayaji, I dont know what you are taking about? Which people? What national party?
We are taking the Aussies to court over copying our business model. We started the trend of throwing out "outsides" and these goras just picked up the same model and used it shamelessly. We have a patent on this model for crying out loud. If these cheater-cocks think they can get away with shit like this, they are in for something else......

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