Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome to the dark side

This is one of my favorite topics.
I love to read about serial killers, what goes into making one, types of serial killers, deeds, trial etc.

Here are the FAQs for you:

Q1)What is a serial killer?
A1) A serial killer is a person who murders usually 3 or more people over a period of more than 30 days with a "cooling off" period between each murder, whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.

Q2) What are the types of serial killers?
A2) a) Organized/nonsocial offenders & b) Disorganized/asocial offenders

a) Organized/nonsocial offenders- are usually of high intelligence, have an above average IQ (>110 range), and plan their crimes quite methodically, usually abducting victims, killing them in one place and disposing of them in another.

b)Disorganized/asocial offenders- Disorganized/asocial offenders are often of low intelligence, have a below average IQ (<90), and commit their crimes impulsively.

Q3) What motivates them?
A3) The motives of serial killers are generally placed into 4 categories: 1)visionary 2)mission-oriented 3)hedonistic 4) power/control; however, there is often considerable overlap among these categories

Q4) Their presence in popular culture?
A4) a) The Silence of the Lambs b)Hannibal c) Psycho d) Seven e) Copycat etc. You also have serial killer encyclopedias, trading cards, and action figures.

Q5) Famous serial killers?
A5) David Berkowitz aka "Son of Sam", Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein (part of the character of Buffalo Bill were based on him)

Q6) Any desi slugdogs?
A6) Yes - Surender Koli and Moninder Singh Pandher, Raman Raghav, Charles Sobhraj and thug Behram who seems to top the list of number of kills.

Just finished watching Dexter season 3 this weekend. Dexter is an American television drama series that airs on American premium channel Showtime. Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan, a serial killer governed by a strict moral code who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.

Dexter's opening title sequence features an extended montage where ordinary day-to-day events such as shaving, flossing and preparing breakfast are used to visually evoke Dexter's darker nature. Turn up the volume....

P.S- Salman Khan is not a serial killer. He is just a sociopath.
P.P.S - Don't get all judgmental now. I know you dream of your mother-in-laws falling off the 10th floor balcony or siblings ODing so you get all the jaidaat.

Info from: wikipedia


Meghna James said...

If only there was a real desi-Dexters, one who is socially responsible.

Anonymous said...

But why???

Satyajit said...

True that. We need more than 1 I think.

Why not?

Radha said...

You must be a big fan of "Silence of the Lambs"?

Satyajit said...