Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loan "Saar"

Got a call from big loan company yesterday. I had taken a loan about a couple of years back. All payments were on time and accounts were clear. The transcription of the call is given below:

Loan guy: Saar, I am calling from ** loans division. You have paid your loan on time and due to this we are offering you a pre-approved loan of Rs. 2,00,00.

Me: Is this loan interest free?

Loan guy: Huh? No sir. This has an interest of.....

Me: But I have been such a good boy, could you waive off the interest?

Loan guy: No saar, that's not possible.

Me: Ok. Can I have a loan of Rs. 2 Crores by Friday? I need the money.

Loan guy: Saar, 2 Crores by Friday?

Me: Yes, I have a "Teen Patti" session with my friends on Friday and am a bit short. But no interest on this huh!

Loan guy: Saar, I need to talk to my supervision, but there will be interest on the loan....

Me: Come on yaar.....try to kar....

Loan guy: Saar, let me get back to you!!! "Click"

Next time you get a call for a loan and have a little time on hand, don't abuse the guy on the other line but pose absurd questions. If its a lady and you a guy, ask her out. Helps relieve me.


Nish said...

Good, I also had an experience from a call center guy who called me up offering credit card.
me: Please, I am not interested.
guy:Why madam, why are u not interested?? (grr, what should I reply to this? )
me: Ok, I can take the card, but will you make the payments for me?
guy:What madam? Gone mad?
Me: Hmm, Thats why I told u i am not interested.

He kept the phone, and never disturbed me again..:)

Archana Narayan said...

"If its a lady and you a guy, ask her out."

I can imagine her flipping through her book to check how she must respond to that! :D

Seriously, why do we have to give them an explanation if we are not interested. They call you up and say "You are our privileged customer and therefore, we offer you a credit card free." They must think we are quite stupid to fall for that one!

Arjun said...

hee hee...
.. at least yours was a noble cause!!