Friday, September 26, 2008

Gone in 60 seconds

Na, aint the movie review....but about the Tatas being booted outta Bengal.

I had this picture in my head about Bengal as a kid:
A bunch of unkempt boys and girls or uncles at a rundown tapri (tea stall) with Bristol in one hand and cutting chai in another furiously discussing "issues" that influence the world(Bengal). Intellectual masturbation with no orgasm in sight. Everything related to Robindro, book reviews, those SOBs capitalists and East Bengal v/s Mohan Bagan rivalry is discussed. Also I never thought that Bengali kids had names cause everyone called each other comrade.

How wrong was I...
Bengalis don't just do the above stated . They "Struggle". They struggle against progress. They have time and over again proved that if you really want something bad enough and your heart is pure, it will come true. Throwing a company like TATA outta a state is no simple feat.

I wont rant on any further about you incompetent states who cant get what they want. You need leaders like "didi" who's mamta has become the strength of the common man.

P.S - the PM has just closed talks with GWB to outsource all "bandhs, dharnas and strikes" to India. Wonder which state will get....???


Arjun said...

Yes - the BING tribe wins hands down...... on bandhs, hartaal and the like.
It takes a lot of conviction to Say - - WE DON't WANT PROGRESS!!!

raregenome said...

The civilisation which lives life boasting its glorious past than looking around for a better present is what a hard-core brong is all about. I'm not even counting the "bright intelligent" crowd who run to US of A or London for "Phuture Prospeckts"!

Read your blog its good!