Monday, June 9, 2008

I love my India

Our judiciary is under constant criticism for its apathy towards its citizen. A politically sensitive prisoner has little or no hope of getting a verdict in his/her lifetime from this system. Was reading the TOI this morning and came across an article in which Mohammed Afzal- the 2001 Indian Parliament attack accused said:
"I don't think the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government can ever reach a decision. The Congress party has two mouths and is playing a double game". He also goes on to say that if LK Advani was the PM he (LKA) would act swiftly in deciding his plight one way or the other while the present government is dilly-dallying his death sentence.
I wonder if a man like Afzal who is mentally stronger than most Indian being trained as a terrorist and all is crumbling to the apathy of the system, how ordinary citizens handle it?
Go BJP....make a political issue.
read the article here


sowdamini said...

Now the prisoners also have become impatient to get their due of punishment. Such is the plight.. what poor govts we make:( Wake up India!!!!

sandeep said...

hi satya , well i m sandeep smriti's brother, yes i really liked your blogs , keep it up and write abt your self that should be good ending.