Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog wars-1

My boss sent a mail yesterday that we would be having a contest in office to see who gets maximum hits on his/her blog in a given time period. We are a very small company (17 people) and with a promise of a free meal for the winner people started pimping their blogs with determination rivaled only by "Scrat" from Ice-Age (who is out to preserve his acorn).
As posting porn isn't an option i needed to find another way to get that free meal. So what i am going to do is quickly profile our people.....who are competitors and contenders.

1) Ripul Kumar...a.k.a "Rips" - high diabetic with a sweet tooth. Irony seems to be his middle name...could have been a national TT champ but for his asthma. Started the blog competition fire and is regularly pouring ghee into it.

2) Ashim...a.k.a "Chintu"- the only human who was born on the top level of Maslow's pyramid. Silent as a ninja and patient as a dead goat. Don't rule him out from winning just yet.

3) Meghna...a.k.a "Sweater Girl" - some find her weird but there is a fine line between weird and genius. Has a huge network and can sweep the competition away anytime she chooses.

4) Sneha...a.k.a "Elastagirl"- the women who can move mountains and IAS officers with 1 phone call. She has taken pity on me and is promoting my blog. I have awarded the "sweetest one" award to her already.

5) Geeta...a.k.a "Kick-ur-arse"- the driving force of the organization. she being one of the bosses does not indulge in petty blog promotion. she will be declaring the results so in all probabilities she will win... :-)

6) Sushant...a.k.a "Baba" - for his first month here all of us thought he was a mute and was employed as part of the corporate social initiatives movement. He has words of wisdom that has women swaying and men staggering. His is miles above the competition...mentally

7) Mousumi...a.k.a "bong girl"- the pet name has 2 reasons. 1) she is a bengali 2) bong also means the instrument to smoke weed in....and she worships shivji.
Driven, determined and destined for great things....she is the competitions underdog.

More profiles coming soon


MJ said...

Great update... you shud write like this more often... :P
check this out -

MJ said...

here is my latest post

Nilesh said...

How are you counting the hits? I can write a macro to make sure you get a hit every second and win hands down. You don't need to write a single new post! :) I will do it cause I love free meals just as much.
But you've really sketched the profiles real good. I can almost imagine these people! :)

Inmate of infinity said...

Nice Post! Sweetest one would do though! Have sent mail across all my "contacts"....hoping to move mountains! :D

Hey Nilesh! To know how to count the hits Visit me at

ranjit said...

I thought i`d write something intelligent too on your blog, BUT then i realised THAT WASNT GONNA HAPPEN so i decided to do what i do best---SPEW VENOM...

Since i dont know anyone from satyajeet aka wannabe bikers organisation i`ll spare you all but allow me to divulge somethings bout mr joshi as he has so generously described u all..

Satyajeet as u all know is a reject, but not only from society and his folks but also from this city hence he now resides in hyder-bad. The man with a mouth as big n loud as the 3 gorges dam and eyes that make me squeeze the throttle when i see him after 7p.m. has his name on a few of the gangsters lists that i hang out with and hence bends over the min he enters this city. He never buys booze when he comes over to drink and will the first one to bail as soon as things get heated or when the food bill arrives.

But i still read his stupid blog and i think his command over the language is better than mine. I also hear he doesnt google his words as much as i do.

Saying that i think you guys better hand opver that meal ticket cuz u know he`ll really want it more than u all and the fact that hes a friend and i dont want to have to drive up there with wanted criminals just to have to make sure he gets a meal in restaurant with an ac and not on a paper plate with a stray taking a piss on his bike.. SO thank you very much and its been a pleasure getting to know u all.

Geeta Bose said...

Thank you Satyajit for doing the honors and spreading our name and fame "dooor dooor tak." A special thanks for profiling me so generously, I will certainly remember this when I win. ;)

You could do a service to your fellow contenders by tagging the names to their respective blogs!

Yatin said...

Nice pre-race assesment you should replace the likes of Arun lal and Rameez Raja.

Satyajit said...

quit pimping your blog so shamelessly :-)

gimme them macros nowwwwwwwwwwwww....

continue what you are doing...

dayam you haramis....dont force me to publish your police record....

our people are "special" and need to be famous

Arun lal/ramiz raja....come on dude, you can do better.

Mousumi Ghosh said...

Hey, nice post, must say quite entertaining!
But now that you have already declared the result that am 'the underdog' of the competition, it has discouraged me! But I believe in the term 'BAZIGAR'...haar ke jitne wale ke! :)

Smriti said...

when will u profile me Nish and Archie??????

Madhuri said...

hey satya...nice blog ...u seem to be having fun at your work place...n hope you win the blog war...cheers