Saturday, May 17, 2008


Centuries of persecution of the black man is ending with a vengeance (almost). Politically correct white people are in a frenzy to set things right. Another impossible attempt to wipe out centuries of persecution, oppression, lynching etc of black people. The English language is changing too. "They", "you people" etc which were used frivolously are now swear words. Be careful what you say.
Brown is the new black. Post 9/11 (the world revolves around the USA) brown is the new colour of hate, prejudice and fear. A black man can walk through the airport security without fear of being rechecked or humiliated, else it would be a racist act. Brown people on the other hand can be stripped, humiliated and abused.
I assume its a phase. Brown people will be under the scanner for time to come and add to it the ignorance and laziness of the west to sit and find out the diversity that brown brings to the table.
The funny part is that ICC has adopted the racial abuse code literally and is blind to reason. Case in point the Harbhajan-Symonds case in Australia. Harbhajan got away because he referred to Symond's mothers privates, which by the way exist and are none of Harbhajan's business. But calling him and animal- "monkey" which Symonds isn't would warrant a harsher punishment that the reference to his mother.
Logic it seems is missing with almost all decisions the human race it religion or racism.

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Radha said...

I think if Bhajji did call Symonds a monkey he shd've been penalised for it.

"Monkey" is a rasict term to describe a man of african descent; whereas a "ma ki gaali" is an everyday term, which is not taken literally & therefore its less offensive, hai na?