Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Delhi - kya bole ji!

(click for larger view)

Am not a big fan of Delhi. People there are perpetually high on aggression, anger, hate and are ready to slug out at the drop of the hat. No one talks straight and if someone does he/she is imaginary. I have spent a considerable part of my life up "north" - Delhi, Noida and Dalhousie and as years go by the place (delhi) has started to scare me. I know quite a few Delhites that cant stand the place anymore and trust me coming from a dilliwala, its huge. Came across the TOI city headlines today. It gives a news snapshot of 8 cities on 1 page. The image is that of todays headlines.
Observe the red boxes around some sort of neutral/positive news in each city. Even Jaipur with the bomb blasts has 1. Delhi unfortunately lacks any neutral/positive surprises

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