Friday, June 24, 2011

What marriage does

A couple of friends and I went for a movie last night. All 3 of us are married and above the age of 30. The crowd at E-Square was young & hip with ghatis thrown in for taste. We were somewhere in between--- almost undecided which side we belonged to. Not sure we wanted to pick a side...we being above 30 AND married.

As we waited outside the theater for the movie to start our eyes wandered at the pretty young things in the crowd. I noticed that when I found a target I would look at her from the time she was visible till she turned the corner or I lost interest or another PYT came along. All 3 of us followed this pattern.

I remembered that when I am with the Mrs I do not look at other women for more than a couple of seconds. Don't get me wrong, its not out of fear of an ass kicking. It just does not "seem right". When I told my friends they said its just the way one is oriented after being married. Its almost like an invisible checklist that need to be ticked when dealing with other women. We do not look at other women (for too long) not out of fear, but some sort of subconscious obligation to our spouses. And you know what the worse part is.....if I do stare at another woman when with the Mrs, I keep my glaze fixed on the Mrs for the next 5 mins to compensate.

Such is life.


JK said...

Now you got me thinking dude

Satyajit said...

Yea, I tend to do that :-)