Friday, December 24, 2010

The year that was

2010 has been surreal. The highlight of the year for me has to be starting my own consultancy. It was inevitable but everything else including family, friends etc took a back seat when it came to the company. Needless to say I learned a lot. More than I have in the 8 years of my working life. Made new friends, lost old ones, got stabbed in the back, cried, shouted, rejoiced and had a blast. I used my family whenever required and ignored them the rest of the time. They understand this and continue to be supportive. Also, the benchmarks set for the year seem to be achievable.

4 months of bed rest due to broken bones and the pain compounded by the fact that the Mrs and I were in different cities. You really know who cares and who does not when you are bed-ridden. It helps separate the wheat from the chaff. I suggest you all try it once. I also have to get used to idea they I may never play football again. Guess, shit happens.

The year also saw friends blessed with babies, people getting married and good friends leaving town. The year is ending on a happy note with the Mrs back in town, Dad doing well in his new venture, mom counselling and I a lot more calmer. Wonder how long that will last. Miss K and M but am happy knowing they are doing what they love. STUDYING. The Mrs also won a National Award and got a promotion.

Resolution for 2011? Simple. Try and keep the company afloat and of course - get into shape.


Shilpa said...

wish u a great year and all teh best.
with all my love..

Radha said...

well, congratulations & happy new year!
And what award???

Satyajit said...

Thanks Radha and HNY to you too. She won an award for the "best young sales manager". Its across all hotel brands hence real special