Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good news is that I have started to wear a shoe on the left foot again. I still use a walker and limp but its progress. This development confuses the hell out of strangers. Before I started wearing the shoe the bandage on my foot was clearly visible and it was for all to see that I was injured. With the shoes on, all I get is sympathy and teary eyed looks. Couple of things about people on the street and strangers you meet.

1) People on the street are always confused when they should step in to help and how. I was coming down the steps of a shop on a busy street a few days back. I wasn't struggling but was slow. This dude comes out of nowhere to lend a helping hand...I yelled "Dont touch me". Real loud for all to hear. He was too stunned to react. Hahaha....what a fun. Try it sometime.

2) Strangers you meet ALWAYS want to know what happened. They just cant seem to let go. Its this irresistible urge to put a reason for the condition before starting a conversation. My move next time some asks me that is to say "Birth defect. I hate my parents for it". Will let you know how it turns out.


Shilpa said...

birth defect is soo cool ha ha!!wild you are ...

Satyajit said...