Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The serial killer in me

On Indian roads people are scrambling towards their destination as though the apocalypse was around the next bend. Riding on these roads sometimes reminds me of being a baby, when you are tightly wrapped in a cloth so you feel secure. The difference being that while the baby has the luxury of comfort, standing in a mass of people at a traffic jam is close enough for you to catch Herpes from the dude next to you.

Was approaching a traffic signal this morning on the Bullet. The road was infested with traffic like a homeless woman's hair is with lice. The display above the signal read 8 (seconds). I had about 20 meters to cover to beat the light. I knew I could make it....easy as pie. Horns were going off like crazy, rage surrounded us and people were accustomed to the fact that a couple us would not come out alive on the other side of the signal. The car in front of me stops abruptly & boxed me in. I missed the green light.

I was dumbstruck. I felt violated, sad, angry. I was in denial. I felt like I was shown the promise land and then told "That's what you cant have". I felt betrayed. I felt like I had wiped my sick uncle's ass for 5 years and he left all the inheritance to my evil twin instead. Denial soon turned to rage. I was grinding my teeth, broke into a cold sweat and wanted to bleed the guy in the stalled car dry. Its like I was possessed. I blocked out thoughts of family, friends, the law, society, justice and morals. All I wanted to do is kill the guy in the car. I was in the twilight zone, intoxicated and excited. Thankfully I snapped outta it in under a couple of seconds, calmed down and moved on.

I wonder and hope that it remains at a couple of seconds.

(need to stop watching Dexter)


Vaish said...

wtf? you're a freak...

Satyajit said...

not true. prove it

Montag said...

You've nailed it.
My favorite is coasting down a hill to improve gas mileage, only to have the miserable cretin in front of you put on the brakes, because you are going all of 90 k per hour! Of course, then you are at the bottom, ready to start up the next hill, and are crawling along.

I think we rage because we really hate driving.