Saturday, November 28, 2009

Guest writer

---After a year of procrastinating, my friend Puma has finally put his thoughts on paper. The post below is his take/reaction/thoughts on my previous post (THAT time of year)---

You know I agree with what SATYA says about this whole 26/11 (twenty Six Eleven) NAME Calling and how its become some sort of a sordid reminder of what happened...I should know cuz I once forgot my wive's b`day. The doc who treated me said the scars run much deeper now.

Humans as a species don’t like to remember the unfortunate things in life. I for one have a very happy life cuz I have a very bad memory. Enemies are now my best friends and ex lovers are well still ex (they just won’t pick up my calls, don’t know what’s up with that)

Though I feel that at the end of the day it’ll just be a date and nothing else... this country has wayyy too many people in here to worry bout. It’s that "GUY IN FRONT OF ME RATHER THAN I" kinda thinking.

I saw that entire blood bath on TV too but like Satya I didn’t mix it with pakodas and tea. I remember ordering Chinese from a guy on a hand cart, completely fucked my stomach, had the worst diarrhea ever and that’s another reason I won’t forget that fateful day. But leaving my bullshit aside I think it takes a lot to willingly enter a building full of people who’re ready to die as against YOU who wants to LIVE.

If it takes people to see it on live TV, EVEN BETTER. People are immune to reading about death/rape/carnage/molestation in BLACK AND WHITE every morning with their eggs and toast. This is going to sound a lot worse than I mean BUT THINGS LIKE THIS SHOULD BE TELEACST LIVE ALWAYS. Show a rapist being chewed by rabids and I guarantee you’ll see a drop in the act, telecast a murderer swinging from the gallows and you’ll just have to be “SERIAL KILLER CRAZY” to pick up a knife.

We are a DEMOCRACY and a country willing to fight to save a life no matter how many more we add to it every sec. We should make these atrocities even more visible EVEN if it takes you spilling your dinner out from the wrong end. We’ll continue to fight or write about them and people will take a bullet for you and me CUZ THIS ISNT FKIN SOMALIA YET OR PAKISTAN (which is one and the same)

I know I can’t take a bullet for someone but I did get into lots of fights for lots of people and got the shit kicked outta me too. In no way am I comparing myself to any of the heroes that day or the people who got killed were similar to me taking a beating... its just that in the twisted reasoning of terrorism and killings this date like so many of our personal misfortunes will get embedded far deeper than the shallow scars of bullet marks and shattered glass.