Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Singapore- la la land

Pics from my trip to Singapore:

Sen and I @ hooters

Unpredictable weather

Food! No snakes, snails or lizards.

Tummy rub for good luck

Singapore eye.

If you are a true blue Indian (read: don't believe in following rules) Singapore can be a nightmare for you. Singaporeans are suckers for making and following rules. Drug trafficking attracts the death penalty, jaywalking attracts huge fines. Take a wild guess what happens if you crash your car.

I have never seen a whole country being so compliant. Its scary. It almost resembles a drone army. An army brainwashed into following rules. Everyone's polite and nice.

I met friends and family and that was the saving grace. There isn't a must see that I can recommend. If you have the time and money, go someplace else.


Arjun said...

where are the HOOTERS girls????

Satyajit said...

haha....yea. i was wondering why no one asked that question as yet. will first post all my pics with poses next to HDs and Ferrari.

Anonymous said...

Satya, with the rules so strict, what is the penalty for dissing them on your blog? he he...

Neverthless, we don't care about the Ferraris, lets have the Hooters girls!!!

Puma said...

You know i enjoyed myself in Singapore too. Much like the time in Vegas when I woke up next to that Swedish Escort. I thought she looked fine too, but the police who arrested me told me that the coroner really didn't seem to think so.

You know, just saying I've been wrong before.

Satyajit said...

Unfortunately I did not act "Indian" and take snaps with the girls to show my friends back home. All I can say is .....use your imagination :-)

Correction in your travel diary
Location: Bangkok
Escort: Transvestite

Radha said...

Did the Singapore Tourism Board pay you to write such a glowing review of Singapore??? :)
BTW...Why isn't "seeing Kabeer" in your trip highlights??

Anonymous said...

Who's Kabeer? Satya - You straight. Right? he he...

Satyajit said...


Kabeer is my friends 4 week old son.....dayam. You should stay away from kids :-)

小小彬 said...