Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motorcycle diaries

Stumbled upon these photographs of the ride to Konkan 2 yrs back. I am shamelessly picking up details from N's blog .

Date: 26th Jan-29th Jan 2007
Ride: 2 Bullets
Kms: 996 kms in 3 days
1) N a.k.a - "onsite"- slowdown or not, our man is either in the US or Australia pimping his company to the goras. Bitches about it whenever he has the chance.

2) P a.k.a - "Boss man" - Onsite's ex-boss and good friend

3) A a.k.a -"The Guru" - more weird than most I have met. We worked together in Dubai in 2005.

4) Me

Waiting for the rest. First stop. Breakfast.

En route

Best ghat ever. Roads curve, smooth as silk and one-way.

Lunch/Dinner for most part of the trip

Konkan at night

Bullet on the water. Saved ourselves 2 hrs with this river crossing. With the boatman pissed drunk a bit scary.

The beaches of Chiplun

"The Guru" and I

Video: Listen in.....

Tempers running high on the first night. Lousy route planning did us in.


Montag said...

I enjoyed seeing your trip.

Banno said...

That was hilarious. Sounded like all of you were longing for home and a drink.

Satyajit said...


Welcome. Glad you liked em.


ha ha. In retrospect its funny shit. But that night, I wanted to shoot someone before I had my first drink.

Anonymous said...

That would've been some fun. Yeah, it was fun, I can tell from the video :-D

And u worked in Dubai?

Satyajit said...


Yea, it was fun. Was in Dubai for a year (2005)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Reminds me of my trip to Rohtang in 06!