Monday, February 2, 2009


The last time someone said "culture" to me, was 7 yrs ago at my first job. It was a medical test which included a "urine culture" test, which may be ordered to test for urinary track infection. I remember being confused at the thought of, how my urine could be part of any culture.

5 women beaten up in Mangalore for ruining "Indian culture" by following "Pub culture". Shri Ram Sena (SRS) emerges from its cocoon like the serpent in the Aliens trilogy. It made sense to me, cause our favorite Lord suspected his wife of infidelity and told her to take the fire test which in my opinion is tougher than the CAT. The difference being she took the test, passed, showed her husband the finger and left his to beat his meat for the rest of his life. Unfortunately the women in Mangalore could not.

SRS has come up with a list of things that destroy Indian Culture. Here is the first draft:
1) Male chefs will be roasted alive. Men do not cook in our culture.
2) Male nurses will be castrated because....WTF, dude.
3) Couples found having sex with the women on top will be caned.
4) Men and women found holding hands will be married it you with your sister, mum, wife or the arthritis affected grandma. (This is helping inter-religion/caste marriages though)

Hail men power. If you cant sleep with em, beat em....


Meghana said...

thank you for writing this. it was shocking when i saw the news and some videos. but then again history repeats itself in order to preserve the honor of our nation, our identity and yes our 'spectacular culture' through women as objects to be dressed in finery, beaten into shape so that the 'culture' doesnt get 'tainted' or killed if need be in order to protect MANkind from shame. When I see things like this, it makes me angry no doubt but more than that it makes me cringe, makes me depressed and i am left feeling that the more we talk about men and women, the less we are getting closer to really perceiving any gender as human.

Satyajit said...


True that. Women empowerment/liberation is a farce and exists (I think) only at a certain level on the economic ladder. Having said that, what can you do!

shilpa said...

i agree with you satyajit ....nobody does anything or well I dont do anything's upsetting to see this , sit back comment and not do anything ....i am a part of this mankind . Well the media has played its role again ....and the politicians too...nothing will come out it...! thats our culture!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... seriously, I think the Ram Sena brings out the best humour in bloggers... Cracked me up.

malcolm said...

hi satyajit, do let me know what you think of this:

Satyajit said...

I agree with you on the part of nothing will happen to no one.

Humour is our only retort... unfortunately. We cant do much about shit in our lives forget about someone else's.

Pretty interesting

How do we know said...

of all the posts i have read on the subject(most of them on women's blogs), this one is special. because of the last line.

Satyajit said...

How do we know:
Thank you. I think the inability to interact with women makes it easier for most men to hate and hence beat women!

Radha said...

It was really outrageous when i read abt it, but not something we didn't see coming. Its not the first instance of someone (read: politician) insisting that radicalism & violence are the "true" indian culture.