Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode 1 - The Denial

Denial has been Pakistan’s biggest weapon against the 26/11 attack accusations. Zaradari would have better off tattooing his denial, Gajini style for his first press conference post 26/11. Would have saved him a lot of headache.
To add to that the visit of that dungpot British foreign secretary to India where he backed Pakistan.

Episode 2 - A Rat Comes To Town...

My fledgling attempt at a comic strip.
Graphics guru: Ashim.

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shilpa said...

common ..thats great ;)

Anonymous said...

he he, that was funny, especially the bedroom one... btw, whts with his boobs? he he

Satyajit said...

Thanks :-)

did you expect him to have a chiseled body? hahaha
they are a result of years and years of systematic abuse....thats my best guess....

Radha said...