Monday, July 7, 2008

War crimes

What drives a human to take another human life? Are lectures about how the other guy insulted your religion, caste, race, homeland etc enough for a person to cut 3 inches deep into another person? I sometimes wonder what would drive a normal person to the edge? Is it time..i.e taunt/torture him long enough and he breaks or increase the intensity in a shorter span of time?
Power in its most raw, naked state is one man physically overpowering another....
What pushes a man over the edge...maybe this video can explain.
No hope, no future, no family, no nothing. All under the garb of something you dont know about and said by someone you never met. I am against extremists of any kind, but people who act god-sent while killing, oppressing, maiming etc are on top of my hate list...


ranjit said...

U know i`m with you on this one.. no contest here...blatant dis-regard for life n blood is beyond what we as a species identify with (unless you`re that self fornicating maggot that stays up late to snif glue and steals womens underwear, then you`re in the same fkin league u perv. Yeah i`m looking at you)

On the flip side i was debating this video with a friend of mine who went on to say that these (apparent vidicators of evil)soldiers are away from their families for long periods of time n some of them have begun to loose thier minds and in turn have taken their vengece out on the closest mammal. More often than not a human/then dogs/the sheep.
After i heard that i stopped drinking and ended the converstaion and went home cuz i was beginning to fear for my own safety. So thats all i gotta say about that.

CoOl AjAz said...

I dont think the soldiers will go on record and say all that is said. This could be manupilated

Satyajit said...

My dad served in Kashmir for 7 years with low pay and away from his family but did not become Hannibal Lecter.
The point is fighting for a cause you understand vis-a-vis for someone's greed. All wars are out of greed but you get the point.

Cool Ajaz:
I do take such videos with a pinch of salt but some information even in a watertight unit always leaks out. This is a video 5-6 yrs after the conflict began. Think they would have this much footage of the misery....dont you agree? Also refer to the Guantanamo Bay torture tapes.....