Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog wars-3.....concluded

1) Smriti...a.k.a "Smriti Irani"...a.k.a "guddu"....the god fearing "little one" of the organization....fears god and eating vegetables equally. A real good sport...actually sang loudly in a crowed hotel as part of her "induction" programme.
Am sure is going to with orphaned children, but like all of us demands they visit her blog in lieu of all the free candy. my friend says "strangers have the sweetest candy".

2) Nishana...a.k.a "Nish"....the techie in the house. Knows shitloads about programming and my ability to pretend to understand stuff I don't & sleep with my eyes open helps me converse with her. Always helpful and new to Hyderabad....just like me

3) Anand...a.k.a "Stroke victim"...came up with the name today. Today anand completed 1 year in the org. and we played a prank on him. His computer was hidden after he left yesterday and the office unlocked before he arrived today. Chor, chor was echoing all around. He being the Admin and HR head it was his, he was so close to crying when we called the prank off...also kind of looked like he just got down from a car driven by Rashmi.

4) Archana...a.k.a "Archie"...a.k.a "enthu cutlet"...Every-ready to take anything on, be it feeding stray dogs or boring us with induction presentations. She reminds me of lisa from the simpsons. Think positive, feel positive and do positive. Almost feel she is the kind of employee which organizations recruit so other employees can trouble her...part of the new HR initiative or something.

5) Shipra..a.k.a "Shipra" - newest kid on the block....detailed profile when i know more...seems intelligent though.

6) Bheem...a.k.a "Man friday"...He may be employed as the driver but he has the "jugad" for all things big and small. With a style quotient as high as the Petronas towers Bheem is the man with the plan.
p.s - Will provide hit-man services if the price is right.


Smriti said...

"Fear of God is the begining of wisdom" but i have no idea how to defend my fear of vegetables.
Wanna know more about this "little one" please visit

Anonymous said...

Satyajit Aka "Baazigar" (as rightly pointed by our trusted Mousumi!) is one hit away from a meal at Taj(Deccan)! Way to go! Tu hai bada Jaadugar! :)

Nilesh said...

And you get that 1 hit to win Satya!! Go grab the meal!! If it is at Taj, it was free anyways i guess! Didn't you realize it was all a prank they played on you???

Archana Narayan said...

Satyajit...aka... "smart ass"... the mouthpiece of Kern... always has a lot to say... not surprising as his livelihood depends on this.. walks around looking for trouble, eager to get his ass kicked... extremely poor at geography...and very political (almost all kern now speak Marathi)... A great sense of humor.. just like me...

Archana Narayan said...

To confirm what Satya has to say about me, you can check out: All those rooting for him, can come to check competition... :)

Satyajit said...

archie is on fire....thought of another a.k.a for you.

"Keen kumari"- always keen to do stuff...hahaha

Nish said...

Thanx for profiling.. Really nice.
If anybody wants to know more about me, please visit here