Monday, April 14, 2008

India- Phoren Policy

The Maoist will be in power in Nepal a few days from now. I wonder what the Ministry of External Affairs does on a daily basis.India the rising Asian superpowers had failed to impose itself on any of its neighbors.
1) Nepal- we let the Chinese intrude and the 10 yr plan of bring the Maoist to power is finally working.
2) Bangladesh - a country we gave birth to in 1971 has spun out of control with Islamic groups using it as a base for "activities" in India. Last I heard 300000 illegal B'deshi immigrants were given Indian citizenship so as to make up the vote bank.
3) Sri Lanka- Lost control over it a long time ago. With the IPKF getting a licking at the hands of the LTTE little could be doen except withdraw to save face.
4) Pakistan- lesser said the better
5) China- really admire then for their planning and execution of long term plans. Be it the Olympics, Learning English or Kicking India's ass.

Scares me a bit!

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k said...

Well, it is not certain whether the Maoists in Nepal are really endorsed by the Chinese. Apparently they have serious differences. Also, you are aware that geopolitical considerations also include maintaining some respect for national sovereignty. So perhaps we should leave Nepal alone. Of course, we could also try some shock and awe regime change kind of thing, but I doubt we are there yet. Further, you could consider whether there is a possibility that the Maoists have moved from the jungle to the parliament and succeeded in abolishing a 200 odd year old monarchy because, wait for it... the people wanted it?
It is admirable though that you are concerned about India and its position in the subcontinent.