Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aamir Khan got it all wrong in TZP

Shilpa and I saw Taare Zameen Pe sometime back. All i
could say throughout the movie was "that kid is me, that
kid is me".The 24th time i said that Shilpa turned
around and said "I don't doubt it". Coming back to where
AK got it all wrong...The kid in question did not learn
cause he was not beaten enough at school. Let me explain...
When I was in school we used to get beaten mercilessly by our
teachers for good reason but also sometimes without reason.
When i look back at that time i understand that
they were only trying to teach us Physics, Art, Management
and about Life in general.Here are the basic teachings

1)Action: Shoving our hands in drawers and slamming them shut.
Category: Physics / Art
Learning: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The action being the drawer being slammed and the reaction
being we withdrawing our hands and gyrating in pain. Seen
the colour of your hand turn from brown to red/black/blue
in under 4 secs? btw red and blue are primary colours
(bet u did not know that)

2)Action: Slap across the face/back
Category: Physics /Art (refer to point 1)
Learning: Inertia - Inertia is a property of matter by
which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same
straight line unless acted upon by some external force
(circular in this case).The hand been the mass in motion and
the face being the external force.

3)Action:Beatings with hockey sticks and cricket bats.
Category: Management
Learning: The Hockey and Cricket seasons lasted 3 months each.
This form of beating taught us about the principals of Optimum
utilizations of resources and multi tasking

4)Action: Students slapping each other
Category: Management
Learning: the 2 convicts in question were made to stand face
to face to slap each other. Who so ever slapped the other the
hardest would be let go. This taught us to make false promises
to the other convict, slap him real hard and get away.The poor
bastard had to bear the brunt of the teach cause he lost.
Back stabbing and cheating are critical traits of any leader.

I could go on about the class beatings, the bribes to teachers to
pass us etc but think you get the point. Am certain those from
my batch who are doctors had their heads split up from a
duster strike in school.

Ishan would have learnt quicker if only....


Monsoon rain said...

Well well... n look how u turned out.. now i am wonderin whos way was better... ur wonderful teachers or aamir....hehe..good job buddy!!

Rashmi said...

Satya, when are you starting your leadership development courses? Thats it, I think you have discovered the magic potion to creating leaders :-) Keep posting these interesting views.

ranjit said...

man fk Taare Zammen Pe...i love amir khan personally but i believe u have to scare the shit outta children to get what u want or else their just gonna behave the way they want and keep cycling while pressing that stupid bell or talk back to parents ....hell i got beaten the shit out of when i was young and i turned out alright didnt i....U STILL THERE??? now wait 2 mins while i comb my hair with this dead sparrow

Radha said...

when i saw the movie, i thought "theres no way that there are schools that give punishments like that to kids that small". But then everyone around me laughed at me & it seems it happens all the time.

of course, i've no doubts it happened to you. It shows ! :)))